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Tonight was stressful. Thinking that you exposed your dogs to some strange infectious disease that just killed one dog and is endangering the life of another is no piece of cake. UGH. Everything turned out OK though!

& Tomorrow [today] is Rob & I's 5th anniversary! :D
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Canon Rebel GII
My new baby! Found it at my favorite thrift store today for $20! Unfortunately, it's missing all lens caps/covers, and the manual. :C Oh well, that is easily remedied! [Yay Ebay!] My mom is printing off the pdf of the manual tomorrow. I stuck a new roll of film in when I got home, and I'm excited to start taking pictures and seeing how they come out! I haven't actually used a film camera [aside from my Canonet, which hasn't been developed yet!] for a very long time.
I love this little camera so far though. I'm disappointed with the quality of the kit lens it came with though, it feels very cheap to me, and from the reviews I've read it's not very good. I'm hoping to buy a new lens eventually. C:
Good find today!
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My favorite dog in the entire world.
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Been feeling incredibly depressed and under pressure. Out of 150 shots this is the only one I liked enough to upload. Feeling like a miserable failure.
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God I'm a miserable slacker. :c

Day 33:
Fungus' Closeup
Day 34:
Day 35:
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I'm not doing so well at this, haha. I was online for hours yesterday and totally spazzed on updating. :x

Day 30:
Itty Bitty Kitty
& day 31:
Grandfather clock
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Catching up on my 365 Project, and since I'm feeling much better and have pretty much recovered from my pneumonia, I'm hopefully going to be back on schedule for posting from now on.

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She squeaks
I'm sick [thanks ROB >:| haha] so you get an old picture.