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2015-07-28 03:29 am
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2011-07-19 04:28 pm

Spencer is home!

spencer 015
Poor guy is NOT feeling too hot after his P/U surgery yesterday. He has to wear a cone AND an inflatable collar to prevent him from tearing his sutures out. :c My poor old man cat.

Wish him a well and speedy recovery guys!
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2011-07-11 03:48 pm

Oh yes.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. ♥
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2011-06-29 11:25 am
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2011-06-06 11:53 pm
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Wisdom Panel

So, I was at Kroger's today and was scavenging through the markdown bin and I found a Wisdom Panel kit marked down to $2, so I definitely snagged that!

I used it on Gage, since there is so much speculation on his mix [I know what his mom is, but not his dad], and even though I know these aren't very accurate according to most people - I think it will be fun and definitely worth $2! I'm sending it out tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get the results in around 3 weeks or so. I'm excited and sooo curious as to what it will say haha.
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2011-06-04 01:28 am

365 Project :: Days 147-155

Gage is disappoint that I can't keep up on this thing.

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2011-04-26 01:42 pm
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2011-04-02 02:31 pm
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2011-03-14 12:19 am
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2011-03-11 12:54 pm

365 Project :: Days 64, 65, 66, and 67 ::Special Art Post::

Special-edition art post! :O

I finished this last night - I'm pretty happy with it! :D

& I commissioned these of my pupperdoos! :D [and to think, they only cost me $1.50 for all three!]